What Do People Carry In Service Bodies?

I'm sure there are some who want to know, 'what do people carry in service bodies?'

Here we have a couple of excellent examples caught in the middle of working a job. The bottom photo of the back of the bed area shows that many people put stuff in there. All kinds of stuff. Looks like there is an excellent variety of stuff in this shot--buckets, parts, wires, boxes--you know--stuff.

The top photo shows an excellent example of what goes inside the 'closets' on the side. That would be tool boxes, power tools, extension cords, covers, more tools and parts, plus all the small parts that go in the open top lid compartments. Up top, we have ladders, and in the back, vises and much more.

My thanks to Karuza Plumbing of the Santa Rosa, CA area for letting me take some shots of their secret stuff. Karuza buys their GMC service bodies from Silveira GMC in Healdsburg, CA. They say that they are very well cared for there.

Need some plumbing work, residential or commercial in Northern California? Call Karuza Plumbing at 707-524-2400.

Thanks again, guys.

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