Douglass Truck Bodies - New Website

Because one of the things we do is build websites for commercial dealers and body companies, I am forever looking at other sites and looking for really, really good ones. There are not very many, in my opinion. In my searching, I found one really good truck body website in Douglass Truck Bodies site. I've said this to many people and when people ask me what a good site might look like, I have referred them to the Douglass site.

It was a really good site to me because it had a lot of good sized photos
. That is something that is so critical that it is hard to imagine a body company missing this. People go to a site and want to see pictures of the product, pictures of the options. The web is a visual experience. Douglass had all of that and much more. Matter of fact, the one thing Douglass was light on was words! I think they could use more words, but they have done an outstanding job on photos and most especially on options. They show options on every page almost. That is powerful!

So for over a year and a half, I have recommended people to see the Douglass Truck Body site to see what a good site looks like--one version of it, anyway. That's all changed!

In this economy, Rick Douglass went and spent a bunch of money to completely redesign their website. He mentioned it to me on Facebook a couple weeks ago and told me to look at their new site. I said, why do you need a new site? It's already awesome. But, I go look at it and I cannot believe how much it is improved from what it was. It is amazing.

If you get a chance, go visit the Douglass Truck Body site at
www.douglasstruckbodies.com. Look at the long list of options and each one you click on, a photo of it pops up. It is off the chart good. Bravo, Rick and team!

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