Reading Aluminum CSV Body on Chevy Cutaway

Fairfield Chevrolet-Isuzu Truck of Fairfield, CA just received their first new Reading Aluminum CSV unit all the way from Reading, PA via ship through. The rack is a Reading rack, but was shipped loose for local installation due to height on the transport.

And a sweet unit this is! The body is so much lighter (up to 45% lighter than steel counterpart), that here is the best news about this type of rig: You can legally carry 2,900 lbs. in this unit! That is huge! It is only a 9,900 lb. GVWR unit. That means that this unit weighs in at only 6,500 lbs. That is incredible and so useful to the industry.

When you open the doors, you notice right away that they feel different. They are light, yet sturdy. You really notice it on the normally heavy rear doors. The single point slam latches operate very nicely and the doors shut easily with one hand. This unit is barely higher than a standard cargo van and only a very small amount wider, so wherever you can take a cargo van, you can take this unit.

This unit was ordered with all of the options available which includes electric locks with a key fob to lock and unlock all the compartment doors, compartment lighting system throughout, back-up alarm, hitch and plug, aluminum ladder rack, and cargo netting. Even with every option, the pricing is quite reasonable considering this body is aluminum. To be able to carry 800-1,000 lbs. more cargo weight is a very important attribute.

Top notch work from Reading Truck Body. This particular unit was secured through a Reading authorized distributor, West Coast Truck Equipment in West Sacramento, CA. Contact Reading directly at 800-458-2226 and visit their website at www.readingbody.com. You can contact West Coast Truck Equipment at 916-376-0690 and visit their website at www.westcoasttruckequipment.com.

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