The Smooth and Beautiful Caseco Body

This is a side angle shot of a very smooth looking body that looks like it belongs in a showroom to look at but doesn't have to do any real work. . .

And here it is. . . the Caseco MM360/MM370 Crane Body built for medium duty trucks and 10,000 lb cranes like this Stellar 10620 with a 21' reach. It takes a seriously heavy duty body to handle the stresses of a crane this size and to have one as smooth as this is a feat of perfection!

Caseco has internal hinges that allow them to have flush mounted doors and the quality should be obvious.

And here is that same truck just a couple feet further away in the same position. Who would have guessed?

Even when you get right up close, it is still a seriously heavy duty work rig. . . but in a tuxedo!

Rock on Caseco!

Contact Caseco in Claremore, Oklahoma at 918-283-2999 and visit their website to see a huge selection of crane truck bodies at www.caseco.us.


Anonymous said...

Their body is not only good looking, but their service after the sale leaves the other brands I have tried in the past...in the dust.
It's nice to have a body that locks securely and doesn't leak !

These guys care about their customers and we are in the process of converting our fleet over to CASECO, a quality body at a great value, and a company that listens to my needs and delivers the goods !

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