Think Green - Astoria Fiberglass Truck Bodies

First in the Country Using Over 50% Recycled Fiberglass
and Closed Cavity Bag Molded Truck Service Bodies...Your Best Choice!

Astoria's Patent Pending Use of Recycled Fiberglass Offers Real Benefits
  • Astoria bodies are constructed using 50% or more recycled fiberglass by weight and volume.
  • Our exclusive processes allow us to use recycled core materials in an environmentally safe and efficient manner.
  • Using our Patent Pending recycled core increases mechanical properties, making Astoria bodies 75% stronger compared with other core materials; this also provides a significant reduction in weight.
  • By recycling old or damaged fiberglass this reduces landfill.

NEW! Closed-Cavity-Bag Molding (CCBM) Offers More Value
(Patent Pending)

  • Astoria offers consistent parts with control over part thickness, resin use and glass use.
  • Our higher glass percentage and reduced resin content reduces weight significantly while increasing strength.
  • Unlinke RTM, shrinkage is not an issue; fillers and specialty resins do not have to be used. RTM fillers also cause parts to be heavier and more brittle.
  • Our improved gel coat finish means there is no print through.
  • CCBM method eliminates emissions of hazardous air pollutants; this improves our environment and makes our facility safer and healthier for our employees.
  • This process drastically reduces usage of hazardous chemicals, such as acetone, compared to open-molding processes.

Lighter, stronger, environmentally friendly products at affordable prices. Astoria Industries of Iowa, Inc., is located in Osceola, Iowa. Call them at 641-774-3456 and visit their website for more information at www.astoriainc.com.

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Anonymous said...

They dont use closed bag molds here. They have never found anyone smart enough to run the machines. They just chop it in then roll it full of air. There recycled boards are chopped up scrap mixed with resin then glued in and painted over. There is little or no quality put into anything this company makes. Shortcuts everywhere.