Sweet 1-Ton Cone Body From Carter Industries

This is an example of a Cone Truck Body that is manufactured by Carter Industries in Union City, CA. Michele Wieder of Carter Industries was so kind to send us the specs on this unit along with these photos. Thanks Michele! We're always looking for interesting photos of commercial trucks and getting the specs with it is way cool.

The unit shown in the photo is mounted on a 1-ton, 60" CA, in this case a CC31003 GM chassis. Here are the body specs from Carter:

  • Carter 8' or 9'x96" Apitong or Composite Deck Flatbed
  • 40" Tall steel headboard, perforated top half and solid bottom
  • 12" Tall steel stake gates with plywood skin (removable sides)
  • Tommy Gate Model 91-1350 1300 lb capacity liftgate. Platform size: 87"x36" plus 6" taper, treadplate steel painted black.
  • Strobe Beacon Light, model Whelen 2012HPA High Dome, mounted on top and center of headboard with cab switch.
  • Custom sign holder mounted to headboard curb side next to cutout
  • 2" Square receiver hitch, 7-blade trailer plug
  • Pintle/2" Ball Combo Hitch
  • Pintle mount
  • Custom compartment for chair and cone operator, driver & passenger sides.
  • 180 DEG Directional display panel, model National Signal, 36"x72"x25"

I noticed also in the photo that there is a steel plate on hinges to cover the seat area so as to be able to use the flatbed fully when that use is desired.

This is a nice package on a much less expensive 1-ton unit than the many cone bodies you see on the road. Give Carter a call at 800-310-6390 to find more interesting bodies that Carter can assist you with. You can call Michele directly at 510-477-8425. Also check out their constantly improving website at www.carterind.com. Oh, and did I mention, they have GREAT customer service? Okay, it's out now. It's true, they do.

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