Very Nice Set Of Closets On This Truck From Harbor

Think of a service body like a bunch of closets. If that is the case, this is a huge walk-in closet the size of a large master suite. Just think of all the stuff we can put into this set of closets. Good thing we have a heavy duty chassis to set it on!

This is a Harbor 11' x 56" high service body with an optional 18" rear platform, and a 3-pc cargo bed enclosure with barn style rear doors. It is also equipped with the master lock system. Is this nice, or what? I love the rear 18" work platform. Just enough room to help make this rig more useful. Notice also the verticle doors over the rear wheels where there is normally a horizontal style door. The vertical compartment is huge in comparison to the standard horizontal compartment.

You can contact Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452. They also have a distributor network throughout the Western United States. Get more information at their website including a list of dealers and distributors. Go to www.htbi.net.

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