Sweet Combo Of Tilt Cab and Knapheide KUV

This is just about as sweet a combination of truck chassis and body as one might find. This is a tilt cab chassis (this one happens to be a Ford LCF, but Isuzu, UD, Mitsubishi will do just as well), and a Knapheide KUVcc plumber style body. This one is a 12' unit, but I think the 14' is awfully special on this chassis. The 14' unit would be going on the wheelbase of approximately 132" which is slightly shorter than a typical 8' pickup truck and will have a better turning radius than an 8' pickup truck, AND will have a 14' body to carry pretty much whatever you want! How cool is that?

The 12' model is typically on a wheelbase of about 110" and it is so short in comparison that it will turn a circle INSIDE the turning circle of an 8' pickup truck. Now that is maneuverability! And, again, the best part is that you have a 12' body to stand up inside and to carry whatever you want.

Add the Knapheide double sided drop down roof ladder rack and your dreams are complete. Call Knapheide at 217-223-1848 or contact your local Knapheide distributor. You can visit Knapheide's website at www.knapheide.com.

This photo is courtesy of the authorized Knapheide distributor, H & H Sales Company in Huntertown, Indiana. Contact them at 260-637-3177 and visit their website at www.hhsalescompany.com.

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