Knapheide KUVcc at Newberg Ford Revisited

I am revisiting this great body because I like it a lot and was just looking at it again. These photos were taken October 2008 at Newberg Ford in Newberg. I just had to take them.

This is a Knapheide KUV body, but it is more unique in the options and the fact the commercial manager Dale Sykes was bold enough to have it on his lot. Bravo! Love this truck!

This is a KUVcc designed to be mounted on conventional cab chassis rather than cutaway chassis which this kind of unit is far more common on. What else makes is unique is that it is the taller model so you can stand up in it, there is a rack on top with a conduit tube, and work lighting. If you look in the back, you see the spare tire which is bolted to the transverse compartment so the curbside front compartment goes all the way through to the other side of the body and offers long drawers. Another unique feature is the dual compartment doors above the service body section which access an inside shelf and can be compartmentalized for many uses.

Talk about access. Look at all the doors and access points on this beauty. The two little doors in the back access one of the two interior body length shelves allowing longer pipes to be carried or to access items on that shelf for removal. This is a 9' unit mounted on a Ford F350 with 60" CA and single rear wheels and it also has a low entry height.

All of this adds up to one sweet combination of features. For more information, contact Dale Sykes at Newberg Ford at 800-683-1616 and visit their website at www.newbergford.com. You can also visit Knapheide's website at www.knapheide.com.

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