All Of A Sudden, It Is Clear To Me!

All of a sudden, it is clear to me! Have you ever made that statement? You are learning every day--even, perhaps studying on purpose--and day after day the lessons and tidbits are gleaned and filed and thought-over and set aside. Then, all of a sudden, it makes perfect sense and you have gained an understanding of the subject that you never had before. You might have even thought you knew what you were talking about in the past, but now: You Know! All of a sudden it is clear to you.

I've had so many of these that I stopped counting, and the only thing that has them continue to come is the fact I am constantly searching and learning. Books, newsletters, the Internet, experiences--they all add to the knowledge pile building toward the "all of a sudden" realization. Of course, it doesn't really come all of a sudden, does it? It's a journey.

Here is one of my favorite tools that helps me greatly: Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine E-Newsletter. The link will take you to the sign up page. If you're in sales or management, this newsletter is awesome. It is the best I have ever run across and I look forward to receiving it weekly. In addition, his website is an ocean full of valuable insight and thought starters. His newsletter contains a video lesson each week, along with guest articles and many links. It is a very powerful and interesting tool for me.

I now receive a lot of email newsletters (as well as produce them), and I like them all, but the one at the very top of the list and continues to stay there year after year is Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine E-Newsletter. I predict that you may feel the same after you try it. Enjoy!

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Unknown said...

To your point, I also find great value in Tim Wackel's monthly newsletter, Speaking of Sales. Tim really 'get's it' and has helped my organization increase our productivity in business and also quality in our personal lives. He also has free monthly teleseminars that you can actually interact and ask his opinion/advice in a Q&A at the end! He's a great resource. Check it out-- www.TimWackel.com