Great Dealer Websites: Ivan Leonard Chevrolet

This is a new spot we put in our Commercial Truck Success IdeaLetter where we share great dealer commercial websites that we find or are sent to us. Since we also build websites for commercial dealers, we are always looking for those who stand out ahead in website thinking.

The spotlight this time is on Ivan Leonard Chevrolet in Hoover, Alabama.

Here's some things we liked about their site:
  • This is a separate website from the retail store! And, it can be opened from the main dealership site and it opens in a separate window and has a separate URL address. Like that! Great job!
  • Good search engine ranking. This is partially due to a large number of URL's the company owns and uses. They obviously pay attention to the web.
  • Nice team. Contact Us page has photos, phone numbers including cell number and email. (These guys look like truck guys!) The first thing I look at on a website is people. Make it human!
  • Nice header and relatively easy to navigate.
  • Address and toll free number in header on every page!
  • Contact Us hyperlink on every page and on home page in three places which takes you directly to the team photos and numbers. Awesome, awesome, awesome. People want to deal with people! Get them focused on contacting you and asking for you directly. Super job!
  • Home pages shows some logos of large clients. Name droppers. . .
  • Has good product pages describing general product items and separate pages for inventory. Sweet and simple. Like that.
  • In Stock/For Sale pages have new, used and specials. Photos okay, but small and has minimal info on truck.
  • Link back to the main store is under other inventory and it opens in a separate window. I like that much better than just going directly to the site and closing the previous window. Same thing applies when at the retail site and going to the commercial site.

We appreciate a good commercial website. This one should be doing a good job for the dealership!


If you see a dealer commercial truck website that you think is a good one, please send it on to us. Email address at bottom of page.

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