Help Your Customers and Help Yourself

Here's an idea to help your customers and in the process help yourself to some repeat and referral business. Start a blog. It's free. Go to http://www.blogger.com/. Piece of cake to get started. Now, instead of talking about yourself, promote your customers. Include photos, artwork, slogans, website links, video links, personal stories of their legendary service. Add to it regularly and once you complete the circle of your clients and prospects, start again. Promote your blog by having all your clients and prospects sign up for an email version of your blog. That is available at no charge through Google's own Feedburner. I do this now.

Next, start an email newsletter that you can create even more of a following on. Go to www.constantcontact.com. It's a very low cost per month (under $25). Introduce new products, new services, important industry trends, special incentives, a service coupon, little known facts about your store and much more. Include one or two articles in each issue about one of your clients with links to their website, to the blog and maybe some of their favorite partners or suppliers.

You'll be amazed at the mileage you will get out of these two interlocking projects. You'll be a hero and gain substantial status as a business person and reap the rewards of the referrals, repeat and incremental additional sales these pleased clients will provide. Send business to your clients in any way you can and it will come back to you.

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