Creating Opportunities For More Sales

Thinking about men's clothing stores for sport coats, shirts, accessories, suits, etc. My wife bought me a couple of sport coats for Christmas from "our guy" at The Men's Warehouse. Earlier, I had bought a couple pair of slacks from the same guy. Matter of fact, over the years, our guy has waited on me many times. Not one follow up phone call ever. Not even one.

In order for this guy to get any more business from me, he needs to wait around until I get the urge or need to go in there again. Of course, this assumes, I haven't stopped at Jos. A Banks or some other place in the meantime. Been there too, but don't have a "guy". It seems like an obvious opportunity to just learn what I like and then call periodically with some suggestions of things on sale in my size, color, whatever. Heck, he could have a sale opportunity any time he wanted with any one of his hundreds of customers. Don't ya think?

He could ask questions like, what do you think you'll want to be buying soon? Any special occasions coming up? What's your favorite shirt? Then he could plan out some strategic contacts over the next 12 months to have me come in to see some special selections. Or, he might even send them to me for approval.

While I'm in the store getting what I'm getting, he might say, "How's your belt collection doing? Need any new ones? How about ties? Ready for a nice silk solid? How's your shoe collection? These are all missed opportunities, so far. At both places.

Here's the real interesting part: I would absolutely so love it if they would follow up with me like that. It would be so cool. I would buy a lot more clothing. I have a need for their product and for their service. I only get the product when I get around to it (which isn't often enough for my wife), but the service is not very effective. Seems like there are so many sales going unnoticed.

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