Great Dealer Websites: Schepel GMC

This is a new spot that is published in our Commercial Truck Success IdeaLetter where we share great dealer commercial websites that we find or are sent to us. Since we also build websites for commercial dealers, we are always looking for those who stand out ahead in website thinking.

The spotlight this time is on Schepel GMC Truck Commercial Department in Merrillville, Indiana.

Here's things we liked about their site:
  • They chose a great domain name: Schepeltrucks.com.

  • On the FRONT PAGE of the site is a picture and phone number and email address of Steve Doty and Dave Hoekstra!! That is huge, guys! Great job. Most sites you can't even find people and here you are on the front page!

  • Featured vehicles on the right side of the front page. Nice.

  • Good search engine rankings

  • Nice header photo changing regularly.

  • Smooth front page design and great tab design.

  • When you click on the Body Upfits tab and click on inventory, you get a number of photos showing they type of body people might be looking for and when you find one you like such as service bodies or cargo vans, you click on the photo and it takes you to the inventory. Very nice. I'll have to borrow that idea.

  • I love the Why Buy Here tab. Short and sweet. Why else? We're number one!

  • Phone number is on every page prominently displayed at the top of the page.

Overall, this is an excellent site and all the really important things are there. Great job Schepel GMC!


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truckdude said...

Very nice site, best commercial truck dealer site that I've seen.