Follow Up Lessons

You might think that things like houses are long-term purchases and there isn't much need to follow up with clients that have purchased. Logic would dictate that they will be there a long time, so what's the point?

I've only purchased three homes in my time, but I have periodically looked seriously at others that I didn't purchase. It's interesting to me that there was virtually no follow up on any of the purchases and the follow up on the ones that we looked at was extremely weak and might have been one phone call or email.

That's pathetic, don't you think?

As a sales trainer for so many years, I'm just amazed by this kind of treatment and this kind of thinking by a "sales person." The sale is made, so on to the next. See ya. And, the ones who didn't make a sale must have so many more prospects to get on to. See ya. Good luck.

So, here's some good questions for the sales person (pretend you're the sales trainer here):
  • Do you think that I might like to have the salesperson stay in touch?
  • Do you think that I might have some friends? Who might come into the market?
  • Do you think I might want to contact someone in the future for a different place, another place, a rental, etc., and it might as well be you--if I can even remember your name?
  • Do you think I might be able to send referrals?
  • I've heard it said that the average time of home ownership in this country is about 5 years. Do you think I'm above average or below average, or just average?
  • Do you think I might have relatives that may need a change?

I can't even think of the name of any of the real estate sales people I have ever dealt with.

Do you think this thinking about real estate has any relation to the auto business? I've purchases several vehicles from different places and the most I ever get is an occasional service flyer.

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