Powerful Lessons From A Movie

It is so interesting to find something that moves your thinking in a way that feels powerful. To have this happen from a movie is also interesting. Not everyone might receive these lessons after seeing the movie, but I'll share it just in case. If you get a chance, you can rent the movie Cold Comfort Farm. You can see a preview at the link provided, but the preview may not be enough.

I watched it twice and I would watch it again. Here's the synopsis from Netflix: "When Flora Poste (Kate Beckinsale), a young society woman in 1930s London, becomes suddenly orphaned, she's forced to take up residence with a group of her unsophisticated, oddball relatives at their farm. Despite protests from the bedridden, iron-willed matriarch of the farm, the aspiring lass tries to achieve some semblance of order and class in the house -- and in her own life." It's a great comedy and very well done.

Here's some of what I gleaned from the movie:
  • Flora, the lead character, loves to fix things. In the place she went, which is a horrible place to go, she accepted it as a challenge and in the early part just flowed so easily with what was going on. The relatives were even trying to get her upset, but couldn't.
  • The relatives were all attacking her in a way, but it rolled off her like water off a duck.
  • She took the time to observe and get to know each of them and what appeared to interest each one. She found that by asking a lot of questions and observing every detail. Fascinating.
  • As she genuinely became interested and observed and questioned, a unique relationship developed--a trust.
  • She saw more in them than they saw in themselves. Each relative was limiting themselves to a very small world and scope; whereas, Flora was seeing a vastly greater picture of potential in each of them and she decided to make it known to them.
  • As she observed what motivated each relative; that is, what hidden things were important to them, she built her "sales pitch" around that theme to astounding success.
  • Each and every person on the farm and those she had relationships with were dramatically improved as a result of her love, interest, motivation and caring. Each was changed so much, one would be hard pressed to remember how they were previously. Powerful.
  • It is after all received what they needed and wanted, that Flora decided to avail herself of what she wanted.
  • The magnitude of the power of one person to positively affect others is exemplified in this film. She did it all with the absolute best, light hearted attitude I can imagine.

It was pure joy to watch this film and I enjoyed it even more the second time. The best thing is that I felt so inspired by all the points I just made that I got from it. Easily one of the best films I have ever seen and how interesting that it speaks volumes about sales and life in general.

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