Golf Cart Depot - How a Full Size Ford Van and Trailer Works for their Mobile Repair Business!

Florida is the Golf Course Capital of the World! The Golf Cart Depot in Tampa, FL uses a full size Ford Van and a tandem landscape style trailer for their golf cart mobile repair business. The use of golf carts is not confined to golf courses, here in Florida they are used year 'round in large industrial complexes, ship yards, apartment complexes, home owner associations, etc. as well as on golf courses.

I can vouch for the fact that the industrial use of golf carts, particularly in Ship Yards is much harder on these vehicles than their use on the smooth grass of the golf courses. They are not only used to transport personnel but often carry tools and equipment over rough terrain for the maintenance operations as well. This makes for frequent maintenance, breakdowns and  for a very busy repair business!

I'm always interested in what and how parts, tools and equipment are stored in the vans as well as the trailers. In this case I couldn't get the busy operator to open the rear van doors on this van but I did get to take a few pictures of the trailer.

The tandem landscape style trailer is set up with enough space and capacity to carry a golf cart back to the shop, but also it carries a lot of other parts and equipment. This trailer carries spare tires, a supply of batteries, as well as gas cans.The trailer is is set up with a tall rack in the front which provides space for an air compressor, a tool box as well as the gas cans.

Guest Post by Steve Taylor: Steve specializes in lean six sigma process improvement. He focuses on consulting with landscape / snow removal contractors, truck fleets, equipment distributors and manufacturers in the work truck industry. He may be contacted at steve@truckarchitect.com and his website is http://www.upstreamsource.com/

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