Storefront Glass Company chooses Ford Transit to deliver glass

By Steve Taylor

This Ford Transit Glass Carrier was spotted in Tampa, Florida. It’s the first store front glass carrier that I have seen mounted on a Ford Transit. This unit appears to be a pretty good set-up.

The outside width of the Transit is 82 inches which should allow plenty of room for the out-rigged brackets that hold the glass carrier and still be under the road width laws. The Transit height allows adequate support for the tall glass structure.

National Storefront Glass is located in Tampa, Fl, you may find them at: http://www.nationalstorefrontglass.com/

Guest Post by Steve Taylor: Steve specializes in lean six sigma process improvement. He focuses on consulting with landscape / snow removal contractors, fleets, distributors and manufacturers in the work truck industry. He may be contacted at steve@truckarchitect.com and his website is http://www.upstreamsource.com/

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