Transit Connect Work Truck Gets Elevated Platform for Storage.

One of the unique features added to this Ford Transit Connect is the elevated platform within the rear portion of the cargo area. When you think about it, this may be a very good idea for many work trucks, providing storage space for longer items underneath while maintaining space for easy access of large heavy items on the floor above above.Notice the folded up step ladder stored in this space!

Ohana Pest Control provides the Ford Transit Connect for their service technicians. These vans are equipped with a husky roof rack, and as mentioned, an elevated floor in the rear cargo area and aluminum cabinets with drawers. 

The Roof rack is often used for special projects, for example carrying insect infected plywood, etc. The aluminum cabinets and drawers provide storage for smaller items; the aluminum construction does not add as much weight to the vehicle as steel cabinets would.

The Transit Connect van is provided with sliding side doors each side, allowing storage and retrieval from either side of the vehicle.

Its also interesting how the hood is accessed on the Ford Transit Connect, I was not aware of this feature. Hint: Its behind the Ford Logo, which must be rotated out of the way!

Ohana Pest Control is located in Tampa, FL.

Guest Post by Steve Taylor: Steve specializes in lean six sigma process improvement. He focuses on consulting with landscape / snow removal contractors, truck fleets, equipment distributors and manufacturers in the work truck industry. He may be contacted at steve@truckarchitect.com and his website is http://www.upstreamsource.com/

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