Following the recent achievement of 26 consecutive years of Australian truck market leadership, Isuzu Trucks shows no sign of slowing down with the release of its newly enhanced N Series range.

The highly-anticipated product updates build on the solid suite of specifications that have brought Isuzu’s N series to the forefront of Australia’s light duty truck market segment.

The new range now offers optimised safety features, class-leading power and torque in certain models, and a refined cab face featuring new badging and nomenclature.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Chief Operating Officer, Phil Taylor, said the new 2015 N Series faultlessly rounds out Australia’s most popular truck range.

“The N series has been a major contributor to IAL’s achievement of 26 years of market leadership, offering Australia a class-leading engine and driveline, car-like comfort, superior safety features and a breadth of range that is second to none,” Mr Taylor said.

“In addition to the most comprehensive safety features available on the N Series to date, the 2015 range also features wider availability of the 190 PS (140 kW) 5.2 litre 4HKI engine.

“This engine is also available in the driver’s licence category NPR 45-190 and boasts a massive 27 per cent power advantage over automatic equipped competitor models.

“These models will also be very attractive to tradespeople, with the Isuzu offering more power and torque in a car driver’s licence rated vehicle than most diesel-powered utilities currently on market in Australia, and with a genuine two-tonne payload when fitted with an aluminium tray,” he said.

Isuzu’s proven success at harnessing cutting-edge technology for a more powerful, intelligent and safer truck range is demonstrated once again with the introduction of Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) on most of the new N series models.

“Electronic stability control utilises data from various sensors on the vehicle to determine possible loss of control, automatically controlling the vehicle if necessary by adjusting engine torque and braking individual wheels,” Mr Taylor said.

The enhanced safety credentials of the Isuzu N Series will be further bolstered by improvements to suspension seat and alternator, and driveline adjustments to NNR and NPR models for greater momentum and superior handling.

With well over 90,000 N series trucks sold to date, Mr Taylor believes the latest and safest incarnation of Australia’s most popular truck will cement Isuzu’s stronghold in the light duty sector for years to come.

“The demand for light duty trucks that fulfil a multitude of roles in providing essential support and services in our cities will only amplify with the increase of urban migration in years to come.

“With the new N series range, Isuzu offers a benchmark vehicle that excels in safety, performance, and comfort – setting a strong precedent for intelligent light duty trucks of the future.”

- See more at: http://isuzu.com.au/news-media/press-releases/new-isuzu-n-series-range-promises-bright-future-for-australia-s-truck-market-leader/#sthash.9UMaqPpR.dpuf

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