Very Attractive and Useful 11' Service Body

I received another great body shot from Cascade Truck Body & Welding, in Eugene, Oregon. I wanted to show it off because it is an excellent combination of things. First of all, this is an 11' service body mounted on a Ford 450/550 chassis. What is interesting about this to me is that it has dual raised compartments on both sides.

There are a lot of examples of having the first compartment raised, but it is extremely rare to see the first two compartments raised. Some might put some welding bottles in one compartment, but another great reason for doing this is sheer storage. You can put a whole lot of shelves in there and store a large number of parts or tools. Put drawers in there and you have an awesome mechanics truck.

The next thing I notice is that, at least on the curbside, it has the horizontal series body. With that option (no cost at most places), the horizontal compartment over the wheel is extended all the way to the rear and then instead of a larger vertical compartment at the end, there is a smaller compartment below. Extremely useful depending on what they are carrying and how the truck will be used. I love that feature. They may or may not have the horizontal series on the streetside.

Next, it has a great looking forklift loadable rack and then it has a great Tommy gate with the fold-down gate option.

Very nice looking truck and with this mix of compartments and other features, it will be an awesome work truck as well.

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