Road Gear Open Top Lid Upper Bed Box

We ran across this sweet tool box cruising through the NTEA Work Truck Show. There was no one at the booth as we were in there early to look around before the crowds. I've seen a lot of boxes, but just love the design and usefulness of this one. I especially love how deep the top compartment is and how wide the opening is. In addition, I see the raised metal ridge to help keep it dry. Then below there are two drop down doors with plenty of space inside.

I can see this on top of a flatbed, or used as contractor boxes on a contractor body. I didn't measure, but this appears to be a 48" long box. Put two of these end to end on both sides of the flatbed and you've got a really sweet setup. Then put a nice 24" transverse compartment with a slider in in at the headboard and you've got a knock-out 10' mighty useful flatbed. Add a rack and hitch and call it a day! Very nice.

This was our first introduction to Road Gear Boxes from Road Gear Truck Equipment, LLC out of Russellville, Alabama. You can reach them at 800-292-2906 or check out their website at www.road-gear.com.

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