Onboard Compressed Air by 12-Voltair

The company is Voltair, Inc. The product is 12-Voltair. I've never seen this product and I got excited when I came to the Voltair booth at the NTEA show last week because I could see so many uses for this product in commercial trucks.
Here's the selling points off their website at www.12-voltair.com:
  • The 12-Voltair is a rugged air compressor.
  • Air when and where you need it, hour after hour.
  • Finest high torque, 1800 rpm, thermal protected permanent magnet motor on the market. Note: Not a starter or series wound motor.
  • Heavy Duty "cast iron" twin cylinder, oil lubed compressor runs at only 470 rpm.
  • Positive timing gear belt drive system eliminates belt slippage and extends the life of the belt.
  • All steel powder coated 18 gauge cabinet.
  • In business since 1990.
  • Full one year warranty.

We got a great demonstration of this product and saw the cutaway version so you can see it in operation. It isn't a wimpy little compressor. Maximum PSI is 150 with an 80% duty cycle meaning it can run 50 minutes out of an hour at temperatures under 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The 12-Voltair is capable of filling a 10 gallon air tank from 0 to 150 psi in just 3 minutes.

The best part to me was where it is mounted. It fits in a space that gets very little use in a pickup. Its narrow silhouette is perfect for placement in a service body, flatbed or other application. If placed inside a compartment, there need be sufficient ventilation and circulation of air. Plenty of power to run air powered tools.

We think this is a great product and the word needs to get out about it. Check out their website. They have a lot of testimonials and other models and accessories. There is also downloadable owners manual, brochure, and much more. They operate out of two office locations: Henderson, Nebraska and Orinda, California. You can get even more information by calling Michael Gompertz, National Sales Manager at 925-2383-8724 in Orinda, CA, Justin Goertzen at 402-366-6289, or talk to the President, Dennis Goertzen at 402-366-6288 in Henderson, NE.

Thanks to Voltair for coming to the NTEA and letting us be introduced to this fine product.


Anonymous said...

Just purchased one of these off of ebay.com for 525.00 what a deal I think...the next to cheapest one I found was on www.moveitinc.com for 985 plus shipping... anyways it should be great for anyone needs to run an impact gun, fill tires, blow air filters, operate an air jack, stuff like this...I read that it is equivalent to a 5.5 hp gasoline motor compressor replacement. Puts out about 9 cfm at 50 psi...should be fine...we shall see...

Terry Minion said...

Excellent! That is a great buy. Hope it meets all your expectations. Thanks for reading!

Cooperfreer said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I bought one off a mini truck site about 7 years ago
never hooked up until today, lol
runs quite
amp draw was around 95A
running 100A circuit breaker
used a cheap stand alone battery to test

went to 150psi and auto switch cut out.
very impressive compressor!
I have been using 20lb CO2 bottles to air up my rock crawler and a nathen KT5LA real train horn. CO2 is $20 a fill, so can't use horn much at that $$$,lol
I paid around $750 7 years ago these are now $1350 + $150 shipping on ebay
$1,500. Lucky I got in on this at 1/2 price,I won't use it enough to pay $1,500, but if you are a tow truck drive or other commercial rig type work, it is worth the $1,500