Granite Drawer Systems - I Love These Drawers!

Last week at the NTEA Work Truck Show, I was looking for some special accessories. I love to sell accessories! We found Granite Drawer Systems of Wathena, Kansas at the show and it was just what I was looking for. These drawers are the best I have ever seen. Talk about heavy duty--these drawers are made of 14 gauge construction throughout, have 500 lb drawer slides tested at 550 lbs for 100,000 cycles. Most drawers are less than half that rating. They have a sweet brushed aluminum T Handle that is lockable and operates easily with one hand. The latches are hidden within the drawer face, making it both attractive and theft-resistant. This means you can lock some drawers and not others at will. Drawer faces are powder coated with 3-4 mil PPG powder coating. Here's the best part: The drawers are easily removed and reinstalled in the slides. We had them demonstrate this and the photos above are the actual product at the show.

The drawers are available in standard heights of 3", 5" and 7" and standard drawer depth is 18", but they can make depths from 10" to 62" to fit any compartment size. They have a limited lifetime warranty. There are two shots included here of drawers mounted in a Knapheide Crane Body that was in the Knapheide display at the show.

I tell you that I have looked at a lot of drawers from a lot of manufacturers and I have not seen a better drawer. They will outfit you with any combination of sizes you might need to fit any of your compartments. Indeed, they even make a stand-alone model with finished top and sides that you could put in a closet, out on display, put wheels on it and roll it around, you name it.

Now, here is the kicker. I was expecting these to be the most expensive around, but was thrilled when I found out how reasonably priced they are. They ship anywhere in the world. Got an existing body, no problem. Call them up, give them the dimension, what you have in mind and they can make it happen quickly and efficiently. Call John Rauch, Operations Manager at 785-989-3100, ext 7710 or call Tom Jenkins, Customer Service at 785-989-3100, ext 7735. We met them at the show and they were very helpful and knowledgeable. Their website: www.granitedrawersystems.com.

Excellent product. Great design. Heavy duty and beautiful to boot. How can you miss?

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