No Rest For the Weary. . .

These are photos of the NTEA Work Truck Show in Chicago a week ago. It might as well be any convention or show where there is a huge volume of floor space and a great deal of walking around. I've already stated and will state again that the NTEA did an awesome job on the details of the details and it was a huge success. But. . . there is one thing they could have done better.

Do you see a seat anywhere in these photos? Want to improve your next show? Put in some nice little park benches or some other attractive seating here and there around the room. Giving people a place to pause and refresh will keep them in the room longer and that would be a good thing for everyone involved.

Our local mall in Fairfield, CA was ignorant about having places to sit. Many of the stores are the same way. It's not logical and it's not courteous--but mostly it is counter productive! How many of you men have gone with your wife or girl friend to the woman's department and there is not a place to sit anywhere while they look around at stuff? This is a store that just doesn't get it. If they were really thinking, they would have a little room with a big screen TV on the Sports Channel and couches and surround sound and the ladies could take all the time they wanted. Right? The change came at our Solano Mall when they sold out to the Westfield Shopping Centers organization. They get it. They immediately put in some nice seating throughout the mall and it has made a huge difference (along with a long list of other improvements).

The advantage is people can stay longer and spend more money! Who wouldn't want that? Give some rest to the weary and it will pay off nicely!

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