A Glimpse of the Future by Nissan Commercial Vehicles

Introducing Nissan Commercial Vehicles. Is this the future of the tired, old, out-dated van body that has been around since the 1970's? We sure hope so! What a breath of fresh air this Concept Van is. Did we mention stylish? That's a sissy word. What we meant was flat out gorgeous! Suave! Sophisticated! Ground-Breaking! Rule-Breaking! Concept-Making! Customer-Creating! If it were available at the NTEA Work Truck Show where we saw it, I'm sure it would have sold out.

But it is not cool enough to have all those words without the work side of it. So, we'll throw in Open-Minded! (and we mean open as in opening. . .) Work-Related! (I could see me working out of this unit. . .) Convenient! Computerized! Everything-In-Its-Place Clean! Useful Storage! Well-Lighted!

Take a nice little tour and check out all the specs: NV2500 Tour. Sign up for the free updates and let's watch how Nissan handles this. . . I'm interested. How about you?

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