This Truck ROCKS! The Smart Cutaway!

This truck rocks! The smart cutaway! For so long, cutaways have been so easily overloaded. This causes a lot of ills that customers have issues with such as, short brake life, excessive tire wear especially on the front tires and more. Here is a body that makes complete sense on the cutaway--especially the single rear wheel cutaway.

There are obvious advantages to the cutaway design. Shorter wheelbase and turning radius, lower frame height which equals lower body height, compact footprint, etc. Now those advantages can meet up with adequate cargo capacity thanks to Reading Truck Body's new Aluminum CSV (Classic Service Van) body. This body is approximately 45% lighter than the steel counterpart. That is a huge weight savings. In addition, it is corrosion-resistant, and green-friendly with approximately 9% fuel cost savings (see their website for details).

The body shown above is an 11' CSV body mounted on a Ford single rear wheel E35 cutaway chassis with a 138" wheelbase. Body weight including the bumper is only 1,440 lbs. This allows approximately 2,500 lbs cargo capacity. With the same unit made of steel, there is only a seriously sad amount of cargo capacity.

The CSV body is available with a long list of options like the Latch-Matic(R) power lock system, Extend-A-Shelf(R) modular sliding drawer system shown in photo above, compartment lighting system also shown above. Other accessory items are cargo netting as shown above. Now I think that is a very simple, yet very effective accessory. The roof rack shown is very helpful and great looking too and also made of aluminum. Here is a link to download and print a great brochure on this product: Aluminum CSV Brochure. They also have a separate website for the aluminum body information. You can view this site at www.GoRuggedGreen.com.

We give a Commercial Truck Success High 5 for Reading Truck Body and their expansion of their aluminum body lineup. We highly recommend this body for the cutaway and especially the single rear wheel model. Great job Reading!

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