The Aerocell SRW from Unicell

This is the Aerocell SRW from Unicell Body Company. This baby was quite a sight as we cruised the NTEA Work Truck Show. The hatchback rear opening was a real eye-catcher. Of course, Ryan and I had to try opening it and closing it a few times. It is really quite easy and smooth. But, look at the opening!! Yeah man! 435 cubic feet of storage! It is also available with swing-out 180 degree doors for you traditionalists.

It is cool to look at the outside of the super smooth, glossy body which is absolutely perfect for graphics with no seams, rivets, caulking, etc. The integral roof fairing and flowing body contours offer fuel-saving aerodynamics and visual appeal. (You could tell that last line came from their literature, right? Who talks that way? I know, I know, brochures do.)

This is a product I would put on my lot. It is new and different and interesting. It has a host of features that can benefit a large number of customers. It is great looking and fully functional. It is a great improvement on the single rear wheel cargo van or cutaway van body.

Unicell Body Company is located in Buffalo, New York. They are an approved bailment pool company for Ford, GM and Isuzu. You will find their website at www.unicell.com very informative and helpful. You can reach them at 800-628-8914.

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