Great Looking Contractor from Carter Industries

Here's a great looking contractor body from Carter Industries. The boxes are made of aluminum treadplate and have a distinct look. This is a 10' unit on a 60"CA dually, yet they have the full size 8' boxes like they put on the 12' on this unit. I think that makes it very useful by carrying about the same amount, yet the maneuverability is much better with the shorter turning radius. That's a great combination of assets.

This one has a nice finishing touch of having stainless steel pieces on top of the rack bars as shown in the photo. Nice touch. The tall boxes are very useful as well and the lids are nice and light since they are aluminum. Fold-down gates and a long compartment in the back of the bed round out the neat features in this truck. Although this truck has a welded to the body rack, I would hope they are now bolted on instead. The stainless steel wheel inserts add a little bling too.

Nice job Carter! Beautiful truck.

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