A Bit of Fun and Lots of Bold Color! Ford F150 DeWalt

My favorite car has long been the yellow Corvette and naturally, that love of the yellow sports car converts easily to a sweet looking yellow truck. I just loved this truck when I saw it and Ryan and I were checking it out in depth.

This is the 2009 Ford F150 Heavy Duty DeWalt Contractor Concept Pickup. Look at the side step with the boot brush all in one that tucks up under the body out of the way. A boot brush. Now that's thinking of details. The winch is very nicely packed under the front bumper.

This unit is equipped with the Ford Work Solutions Package, with the Tool-Link and on board computer. Check out the sweet looking rack with the lights! This truck is just begging for attention and it will surely get it. It was getting plenty at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

For more photos of this truck and some additional information, check out the Motor Trend article here: Motor Trend.

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