The Supreme Astro Body - Large Space, Small Package!

If you haven't seen one of these in real life, this is the Astro Body from Supreme Corporation. It is a fiberglass body with a smooth gelcoat exterior which is perfect for graphics as shown in these photos. It is available in three versions: the one shown above is the Catering body, then there is the Refrigerated/Insulated body and the one I'm sure you would sell a lot more of: the standard body which is perfect for Electricians, Locksmiths, Pest Control, Florists, Parts Delivery, Contractors, Remodelers, Telecommunication, Security System Services, Professional Photographers and many more uses.

The benefits are a light weight, durable, long-lasting body with huge space inside for its overall size. The interior capacity is 173.7 cubic feet. It has an approximate payload of 1,500 lbs so it can do a lot of different jobs. It goes on a Chevy Colorado or GMC Sonoma truck so it is low cost and fuel efficient. It gets your attention and is incredibly functional with the large side door and two door rear door with a 48.5"x40.5" opening and a long 82" inside length.

The overall height is only 78" so it fits in parking garages even with the optional ladder rack. The rear door handles are keyed alike with the truck doors so you only need one key. A standard small skylight helps illuminate the interior. It is available with bin packages to make the interior more useful for certain industry applications and it is available with a back up camera system. There is also internal safety release latches on each door. Then you have the strength Supreme Corporation standing behind this product and their fine nationwide support.

Did I mention it was Five Star Crash Rated and aerodynamically designed and GM wind tunnel tested. It comes with an FRP floor with steel e-coated floor frame. To have better visibility, it comes with specially designed Velvac exterior mirrors. It all amounts to a fine package.

To get more information and to see more photos of the Astro Body, here is a link to their website: Astro Body. Phone numbers are 800-993-2927 for those in the Northwest, 800-827-0753 for you in the West, 800-642-4889 for the Midwest 800-541-6282 for all in the Southwest, 800-556-6492 in the Northeast and 800-852-6742 for the Southwest. If you don't know where you live, call any one of them and they will direct you.

Commercial Truck Success gives a big High 5 to the Supreme Astro Body. Put one in stock and watch it ring the cash register!


Luigi said...

Where can I find another one of the standard body trucks? I've already got an 08' Colorado with the standard box but it's getting antifreeze into the engine now with almost 300,000 miles on it so it's either time to junk it, rebuilt it or find another working one so that I can use this one for parts and turn the body into a pull behind camper or utility trailer.

Terry Minion said...

Luigi, Please contact Supreme Corporation. They can guide you on this.