Brand FX Truck Body on GM Colorado/Sonoma

Brand FX Body Company makes a full line of fiberglass bodies, including this model designed for the Chevy Colorado. What makes this work on this light truck is the weight of the body is little more than the pickup bed that was on it to begin with. I was told this body including the topper was 500 lbs. Yet with that light weight the body is strong and long lasting. The compartment depth is a whopping 15". The truck shown has a bedslide installed which makes that back compartment oh, so useful. This unit is model number BFXB 43 LS. Check out the link for more specifications, features and options.

When I was at the dealership level, I had never had the opportunity to learn much about fiberglass service bodies, yet I remember one prospect who came in looking for one. He was foreman of a company out of Canada and said that his entire 40 truck fleet were fiberglass and he wouldn't consider anything else. He said they transfer them several times, wearing out the trucks before the bodies.

Besides all the great features of this body, this is a great looking truck and turns the 19-26 mpg Colorado into a great little work truck. Check out the Brand FX website at www.brandfxbody.com/

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