N.T.E.A. Work Truck Show: Awesome!

The NTEA (National Truck Equipment Association) held its annual Work Truck Show and Meeting last week in Chicago, March 3-6th. According to many vendors we talked with, they said that it was a very good turnout. Above are some photos taken at lunch time and there were several hundred people away from the floor eating, but my partner and I can attest to the volume of people on the floor during the rest of the time.

Ryan and I decided to hit every booth and it only took us about 10 hours of diligent effort. Only. Toward the end, we had to wave as we walked by some, but we saw every single product display and talked with a large number and took 496 photos. You've got to catch it when you can since it's only once a year. There was a lot to catch and we are pleased with what we found. We will be writing about what we saw for some time to come.

Our thanks go to the NTEA for hosting this awesome event. I am sure it is a monumental task to put this thing together and the NTEA has done an outstanding job on the details of the details. It looked to us as if everything went off without a hitch. Can't wait until next year in St. Louis.

We also want to thank the National Ford Truck Club for encouraging us to come along and join the fun. Of course, it didn't take much encouragement, yet we are extremely grateful for their invitation.

Thank you also goes to Knapheide Manufacturing Company for inviting us to their spectacular party at the Navy Pier. They hosted what looked like well over 1,000 people, fed all of us extremely well along with an open bar and entertainment by The Charlie Daniels Band. They bussed us from all the major hotels to the Navy Pier and bussed us all back safe and sound. When we arrived at the event, two of the first people to greet each and every person who came was Knap Knapheide and Bo Knapheide. It looked like Knapheide had every employee and their spouses there and all dressed with a red vest to be seen clearly. A long list of awards were given to their vast distributor network across the country. An impressive event and an obviously impressive company. We really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this event and to see how Knapheide shows their hospitality and culture. Thank you, Mike Soich for giving us the pleasure of joining the fun.

Last, we thank the City of Chicago for their hospitality. It was our first time to visit the Windy City. The city is beautiful and I would go back in a heartbeat. There is an open friendliness that we're not quite used to and it was very nice. The McCormick Convention Center is a huge facility and there are buses going to and from all the time and they even have their own bus highway that only the buses use. Very impressive! You're there and back in no time. Everywhere we went we saw a sign from Mayor Daley stating, "We're Glad You're Here!" Great line and it sure seems like the rest of the city acts the same way including cab drivers and bus drivers. Thanks Chicago. We'll be back.

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StanWellaway said...

Anyone got any images or feedback about trucks on show in the Green Pavilion. In particular, what did Smith Electric Vehicles have on display?