Western Mule Cranes - A Great Many Solutions!

We stopped by the Western Mule Crane display early in the first day of the show and talked for some time with the President, Vernon Dettman. He had two great displays and one of them was a new truck he just picked up from Scelzi just in time for the show. It is a sweet red short box, low pro body. Great job Scelzi!

What a great display truck. This truck has 5 cranes including their long-famous bumper crane and their newest addition on the right rear: The P2250. So new, it's not even on their website yet. Notice the last photo and how nicely the outriggers can be used when needed and completely invisible once the door is shut.

Western Mule Crane is well known for their wide variety of very effective small, lightweight cranes. Give them a call at 800-288-6853 and do check out their website at www.westernmule.com.

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