I Love This Body On This Truck

I love this body on this truck. I call this a plumber body, and Knapheide Manufacturing calls it the KUV/CC (Knapheide Utility Vehicle/Cab Chassis Line). Why this truck? The 1-ton dually 84" CA is just sheer perfection for this type of body. Yes, it doesn't quite have the turning radius of the cutaway, but certainly makes up for that with a long list of selling features. Here's some examples of what I mean:
  • Mounted on the conventional cab here (or tilt cab), the body is not attached to the cab, so you don't hear every little thing rattling around in the body--and you cutaway folks know they do, that's why you wear headphones. . .
  • It has a stronger frame and larger and better brakes. That ought to close the deal right there. Throw in that the brakes last longer on this chassis vs the cutaway.
  • Better GVWR = more cargo carried more safely. This is shown on the Ford F350 which has 13,000 GVWR vs the Ford cutaway under 11,000. Big difference!
  • Room in the cab for real people! I'm 6' 3", so I know that driving the cutaway is not the best experience and the conventional cab works very nicely, thank you very much. Anyone else? You can also sit three people.
  • I feel safer in the conventional cab. That's not scientific. It's a feeling. I know others will share a similar thought.
  • Better load distribution on the truck. The body load is spread less on the front axle than on the cutaway.
  • Why a 350 vs a 450 or 550? The 350 gas rig is the number one seller in this body and rightly so, it is efficient and inexpensive. In addition, the body is lower to the ground due to wheel diameter and tire size. Add to the truck cost savings the maintenance savings on tires, brakes, etc.
  • This is just a few of the benefits, but there are more. . .

All of this adds up to huge value to the customer who uses this truck. I think this combination is a piece of cake to sell because there is so much value to talk about.

Then, there is the Knapheide body. Why Knapheide? How many 6 year warranties do you see on steel truck bodies? That's double most others. It is built out of heavier material to take more of a work load over more years. . . been in business since 1848. . . number 1 body builder in the world. . . Of course, that's the simple answers, and that might work for some folks and the ones it doesn't work for can look at all the features, benefits and specifications right here: More detail on specs.

Considering I used to sell against Knapheide, I think the KUV is in the best category with this body. Comparing all the features and benefits, you can't go wrong. Get some of these with the gas 350 dually 84" CA and you will have a good increase in sales of this truck body.

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