Duraplate and Amercian Cargo by Midway

You know, many people think a van body is a van body is a van body. Boring. . . It is true that some of them are boring, but this unit has some excitement in the detail that a passing glance may never see. The biggest innovation is what the side panels are made out of. These are made out of Duraplate which the rep from Midway is holding in his hand in the first photo. It is incredibly thin and unbelievably strong. No longer do we need the heavy and bulky FRP material to have durability. Check the specifications: Duraplate has it. What was also impressive as a result of using Duraplate is how wide the opening can now be in the rear and how cargo can go wall to wall and get very close to 90" of width.

The unit shown is the Sprinter "Liberty" Box Truck from American Cargo by Midway. It includes an aerodynamic wind fairing added to improve fuel economy, stand-up, walk through cab access door for easy mobility between cab and cargo area, Duraplate wall construction for long-lasting durability, graphic friendly finish, 15' interior length and side slider door with stepwell for easy entrance and exiting. I love the slider side door. The pocket required (as shown in photo) takes up a little wall space, but is worth the trade-off from having a roll-up door. The operation of this door is extremely convenient and easy.
American Cargo by Midway are located in Elkhart, Indiana and can be reached at 800-505-2530. Check out their website at www.mymidway.com. As you go to their site, you will also see the Midway Specialty Vehicles, LLC link to see the Sprinter conversions and buses and other products that they manufacture and retrofit.

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