What Can I Learn From Leadership? Pulltarps!

Two reasons for this post. One, a tarp covering a load on a dump is a great thing and the Pulltarps brand is top of the line. I highly recommend this product and have sold quite a number over the years. So, here's a couple photos of a Pulltarps product on a Harbor 3-4 yard dump built by Rugby.

The second reason is that Pulltarps has one of the best websites I have ever seen in the commercial market and I have looked at a very large number of sites. It is one of the best to me because it not only looks good, but combines great content along with video and other resources, and the best part is that the owner of the company has personalized it.

One of the greatest advantages of the web and websites is that one can present their product with all manner of informational content, but can also add the personal touch so that we cannot deny that there are humans behind this site. So many of the sites I see are so impersonal. It's all about the product and that's it; we're the greatest and here's why; here's our policies and (heaven forbid) our "Mission Statement." I can just barely tolerate the dreaded mission statement at 99% of the sites I have seen them on. Gag me. Who cares?

The Pulltarps site gives the buying public great information and videos. What's interesting about that is that the main customer is most likely a dealer or distributor or upfitter rather than the public. Nonetheless, they appeal to public and dealer alike. The navigation is excellent and the layout is content-rich, but clean. See if you don't agree in concept. Go to the Pulltarps site (www.pulltarps.com) and on the home page, watch the video in the middle of the page. It sets the tone for the whole site.

Commercial Truck Success is giving "High 5's" to the Pulltarps web team. Keep up the great work!

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