Where the Rumber Meets the Load

Having long sold flatbeds with various wood floors, then seeing all the rage for the wood composites, I didn't really get excited until I saw this product at the NTEA Work Truck Show this month. I have been waiting to see a product that made perfect sense for a flatbed over the common problem-ridden wood floors--and here it is!

This product is called Rumber. That's lumber with an "r" instead of an "l". It is made of 100% recycled material products. It is made out of tire rubber and plastics. I'm so glad that innovative uses for old tires are being made since it has always been a serious landfill problem. This product helps keep those old tires out of the landfill I'm sure.

Here's some of the features of this material:
  • Will not rot, crack, or split
  • Stronger and more durable than wood or other composites.
  • Impervious to water, fuel, fluids and oil spills.
  • Insect and termite proof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • UV and water resistant.
  • Cushions animals and equipment.
  • Available in any length up to 24' in 6" increments.
  • Most cost effective option over time.

This is a product I can get excited about and I think it should be a piece of cake to sell it. I have long liked black flatbeds best and with this product color matching the bed makes it a great combination. Having a product that doesn't crack, split and bow is a huge advantage. I would be ordering this on all the flatbeds that I could.

Rumber Materials also makes a wide variety of products for truck beds, trailers, chock blocks, deck, docks and marina products, oil field applications, custom products. They operate out of Muenster, Texas and they can be reached at 877-786-2371. We talked with Chuck Hickey and Ron Rust at the show. Rumber Materials website is informative and helpful and you can find it at www.rumber.com.

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