Link Ramps - Great Selection of Products

We were kind of in a hurry when we came to the Link Ramps display, so I got some shots and some literature, but I was impressed with the selection of various ramps they have. I loved the one in the rear shown that folds up and as it was being demonstrated, it looked like it was so easy to pull it out and put it back.

The company is Link Manufacturing, Ltd out of Sioux Center, Iowa. Their phone number is 800-248-3057. They also manufacture mortuary equipment, cab air suspension, chassis air suspension, liftable suspensions, tire pressure maintenance system, and deer shield along with their cargo management products. Website for the ramp products is www.linkcmp.com/. They have a nice 4 page brochure that I recommend you request which has better photos than their website. Call them and request it at 800-248-3057. They also have a list of distributors around the country coast to coast on their website so you can find someone close to your operation.

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